Ensacon GmbH

Industrial Compliance - Environment and Process Safety

Our expertise:

Natural gas treatment

Gas pipelines

Underground storage of natural gas


Waste lube oil treatment

Tankfarms for crude oil and petrochemicals

Power plants

Waste incineration plants

Petrochemicals pipelines

Storage of chemicals

Loading facilites for tank ships, rail/road tankers

Storage and handling of LPG

Storage and handling of liquid ammonia

Olefine production

Acetylene production

Ethylbenzene production

Styrene production

Aromatics production

Methanol production

Syngas production

Hydrogen production and handling

Cumene production

Polyethylene production

Polypropylene production

Polystyrene production

Synthetic resins production

Storage of toxic gases 

Pyrolysis plants

Bioethanol production

Biodiesel production

Biogas production

Flares and flare gas recovery

Wastewater treatment

CO2 separation

Waste gas incineration and processing

Hydrogen peroxide production

Biotechnological production of medicals

Sorbitol production

Sulfuric acid production

Electrolysis (hydrogen, NaOH)

Nuclear fuels processing

Zeolithe production

Glass fiber production

Air separation plants